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Founded in 1925, Spazzoni is an Italian company specialized in producing, trading and trading agricultural commodities and by-products. Located in the region of Umbria, in the green heart of Italy, the company is focused on the trade of soft commodities ranging from the North to the South of Italy and from Eastern Europe, France, Austria and Germany to supply the Italian market.



Spazzoni-03Our vision is to become a regional leader in supply chain management of agricultural products, from production to the customer, and this on a long-lasting basis.

We make use of our expertise in distribution and logistics in order to provide our customers with high standard services and goods. Thanks to a deep understanding of the Italian market and a wide range of reliable suppliers and customers, we believe our main challenge is a constant adaptation to national and global markets in order to guarantee the supply of high quality products and to respond to the specific needs of the agricultural industry.




Trust and commitment are the two key words on which we base our partnerships and business relationships. We truly believe in building relationships based on trust with our partners at every stage of the value chain, upholding the highest ethical standards.